Christy is an excited and capable sales professional. She was consistently able to get in front of even the most elusive of executives, explain the company offering, and come back with a signed deal. She continues to be one of the few self-motivated professionals that come to mind as an example of how to get things done right.

Michael L.

Sales & Operations

Christy is a great person to represent your business. She has been in this industry for enough years and has the experience you are looking for. She cares about her clients and will be vested in your businesses growth!

Shannon D.

President at Digital Front Door

Christy is someone I had the pleasure of working with while at Yellow Book. She was a big part of the success of the team at Yellow Book. She showed sincere dedication to her customers working hard to make sure they had the right programs to grow their business. She was an excellent team player always making sure she helped out anyone who needed it. I truly enjoyed working with Christy

Tana M.

Business Owner at Valpak Advertising

Christy is a valuable asset to a sales team. She is a handworker who values her clients. She is a true asset.

Tiffany F.

Sales Manager at Cumulus Media

Christy is an amazing rep for Living Social! She offered me the best offer to make the most money! It WORKED!! I highly recommend Christy!

Laurie F.

Licensed Real Estate Agent / Consultant at PAR Realty

Chrisy is a highly effective and top rated sales performer. She has wonderful customer service skills and has great relationships with her customers. She would be an asset to any organization!

Dawn A.

Account Executive at Lifeline Skin Care

Christy is a go getter and has shown the ability to land large accounts that generate a tremendous amount of revenue. She is an outstanding asset to our company.

Paul H.

Senior Marketing Consultant at LivingSocial

Christy is a very hard working Marketing Consultant. She is smart, self motivated and has a "can do" attitude. Giving up is not an option for Christy, she is a goal achiever and a net revenue driver! Christy believes strongly in service after the sale! Christy would be an asset to any sales organization!

Candy R.

Sales Manager at Web.com

Christy is a great asset to any organization she works for. She is friendly, a self starter, always developing new clients and assisting those she already has. I never hesitate to recommend Christy when it's a good fit for my client and her company. I've known her for over 10 years and she's always been reliable, dependable, and honest with a strong work ethic.

Debbey R.

President at Prescriptive Marketing

Christy Deshotel and I have worked together in the same region almost 3 years and Christy is consistent on hitting her Revenue as well as Deal count Goals that is set for her. We share ideas and she's always striving to strategically close those top merchants for her market.

Curtis F.

Enterprise & Strategic Sales at LoyalBlocks

Christy is committed, energetic and knowledgeable. She's certain to do well in a senior leadership position.

Bill D.

Community editor at The Daily Advertiser

Personal hiatus over...Sales Leader with proven history of success seeking new opportunity. Open to relocate. I witnessed Christy's work ethic first hand as a Market Development Consultant. And in my time with Christy, I witnessed a professional, organized individual who built good relationships with with her merchants.

Nicolle M.

Community editor at The Daily Advertiser

Christy Deshotel is an amazing talent who is successful because of her attention to detail, passion, intelligence, knowledge of her competitors, and product. During my time at LivingSocial (1.5 years) Christy was a leader on my team, consistently exceeded her goals, and was promoted. She is an asset that would make any sales organization better and a lot of money.

Johnny C.

Vice President of Sales, Donner-Peltier Distillers

Little Southern Media is the best marketing and social media team in Lafayette, LA. They were able to get my company at the top of google search results with their SEO package. We've also used them for our social network setups on Facebook and Twitter and they post amazing content for us everyday which continues to get us more followers and fans. Christy is just a diamond with how hard she works to help us. I can't say enough about how great these guys are!