Christy Chicola

Owner of Little Southern Media

Owner, Christy has invested over 24 years working for major advertising companies. Experienced in yellow pages, radio, newspaper, magazines, impression based advertising platforms, and one of the top social commerce sites offering daily deals via email marketing, website and mobile apps with a heavy push on social media. Christy truly knows the trade secrets of how different advertising companies operate. With this knowledge, she knows what works best for each industry and can negotiate and plan to get your business the best exposure while saving you money!!

Everyone who knows Christy knows that she loves bringing NEW concepts to her local market. She successfully launched LivingSocial in Acadiana in 2010. She also strongly believes in targeted marketing and has many options available to help strategically target potential customers.

Bella Pusateri

Office Manager

When it comes to attention to detail, Bella doesn't miss a beat! Bella oversees the day to day operations, coordinates client schedules, performs content proofing, works on ad designs, and even handles a portion of the reputation management role.

Bella is the glue to our team!!